Prowse Phillips believe it is unacceptable to expect people to live in houses that have fallen in to disrepair.

Landlords have a legal obligation to maintain the property that you are living in to a reasonable standard of repair. If this is not the case then a disrepair claim can be pursued.

We will work hard to make sure that your housing is returned to the standard required and that you are compensated for issues that you faced.




Japanese Knotweed is a nuisance plant.

It can cause seriously damage your property - reducing it's value and can cost you the home owner thousands of pounds to completely remove.

Often the plant has spread from nearby commercial property and if this is the case we can assist you in claiming back the cost of removal and also the cost to repair any damage to your property.



Financial mis-selling is when you were sold a financial product that was not suitable for your needs.

If you feel that you were sold a financial product without being given the proper advice about the product or investment and the risks associated contact Prowse Phillips Law for advice on the strength of your claim.



Prowse Phillips feel that if you have been injured and it is not your fault that you should be compensated.

If you have been involved in accident that has lead to you suffering financially or physically then you may be able to claim compensation.



Prowse Phillips work alongside to ensure that people have paid fair legal fees.

If you have claimed accident compensation and have been charged a legal fee let us review your claim information to ensure that you are not owed compensation.

Visit and complete the form to start your claim. 



We will ensure that you receive what is right-fully yours.

Prowse Phillips specialise in the recovery of arrears in residential ground rents and service charges.